Joe is now Veteran
has also given everything

he is:
Austria Veteran Champion
Alpen Veteran Champion
Benelux Veteran Champion
Czech Veteran Champion
DNK Veteran Club Champion
Netherland Veteran Champion
German Veteran Champion VDH
Hungarian Veteran Champion
Luxembourg Veteran Champion
Swiss Veteran Beauty-Champion
VND Veteran Club Champion
Luxembourg Veteran Champion
Austria Bundes Veteran-Sieger 2015/2016
German Bundes Veteran-Sieger 2015/2016
German Veteran Winner 2015/2016
European Veteran Winner 2016
Netherland Veteran Winner 2016
Multi Veteran Best in Show

Jeje did a great Job the in the last few months

he is now:
German Champion VDH
Swiss Beauty Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Austria Champion
Czech Champion
International Beauty Champion
German Winner 2016
German Bundes Winner 2016

he has also passed the medical examinations

01.06.13 iha klagenfurt:

jeje v1 caca
second best male

austria junior champion

17.05.13 world dog show budapest:

jeje v3

15.05.13 dortmund europasieger:

jeje v1
best junior in breed

junior europa winner 2013

05.05.13 iha st. gallen:

joe v1 cac
best male
best of breed

05.05.13 iha st. gallen:

jeje v1 cac-jgd
best junior of breed
3. best junior in show

04.05.13 iha st. gallen:

jeje v1 cac-jgd
best junior of breed
2. best junior in show

junior swiss beauty champion

21.04.13 cacib goes:

jeje v1

dutch junior champion

30.03.13 cacib luxembourg:

joe v1 cacl
champion luxembourg

30.03.13 cacib luxembourg:

jeje v1 cacl jgd
junior champion luxembourg

10.03.13 cacib offenburg:

joe best male, best of breed, best in group

10.03.13 cacib offenburg:

jeje best junior of breed
junior champion vdh
junior champion dnk

17.02.13 cacib fribourg:

jeje best junior of breed, best of breed, 3. best junior in show

09.12.12 cacib werl:

joe is now austrian champion

24.11.12 amsterdam winner show:

jeje youth winner & best junior in breed

10.11.12 national karlsruhe:

joe best of breed

14.1o.12 national dortmund:

jeje best junior in breed

13.1o.12 bundessieger dortmund:

joe is now bundessieger 2012

23.09.12 dülmen:

joe wins the admiral's cup

08.09.12 bockholmwik:

joe wins the north cup again

most points after 6 show's

19.08.12 cac leipzig:

joe wins the fci group

24.06.12 cac aarau:

jeje second best baby of the show

23.06.12 XXL hessen / eppertshausen:

joe wins the TOP BOB

02.06.12 cacib neumünster: first time honor class
1. place & best of breed,

28.04.12 cacib lingen: best male, best of breed, best in group 3 and last entitlement for the dnk club champion

21.04.12 cac mellendorf: first show and first place in the puppy class for darth vader vom versetal (jeje)

04.03.12 cacib munich: best male and last entitlement for the international beauty champion

25.02.12 cacib fribourg: joe is now swiss beauty champion

30 days old / 4000 gr.

18 days old / 2340 gr.

6 days old / 1140 gr.

yippee, joe is now father

it is one big boy

born on the 06.01.2012, 07:03 pm
he was 700 gram light

bob at the dnk christmas show 2011

joe wins the nord cup 2011

most points in the category best male

shows: paaren, 2 x mellendorf, bremen, bockholmwik, lischow

13.06.11 cac saarbrücken: joe is now vdh champion

hannah schöninger was winning the first and the last point, thank you hannah

we will never forget berlin

a great weekend

02.04.2011 joe wins his first CACIB and BOB!!!

a dream comes true: additionally BIG3

03.04.2011 joe wins again BOB at the breedinglook in paaren

future planed litter from: vom versetal

sauerland has met switzerland

black princess in my heart
jebisu jumano joe vom rosendahl

we have seen us in november 2011